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Just as He said

“He is not here; for He is risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6a

These words give me chills at their power. They also make me want to celebrate. He is risen – JUST AS HE SAID.

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday – this weekend is a huge time for reflection and for remembering what Jesus did for us. The Gospels recount what happened in powerful, moving words. They disciples paint us a picture of events that they themselves did not understand at the time. Do we take time to realize the magnitude, the meaning, the wonder and amazement of what happened on those days almost 2,000 years ago?

There is sin and there is pain in this world – we are all acutely aware of this. But Jesus has been there. Jesus voluntarily gave it all and went through pain we cannot even imagine to save us. To save US. Do we realize the magnitude of what He did for us?

What will we do for Him?

This is from the notes I took on the Easter sermon this morning: JESUS – live for, live like, show we are His, “Follow me”

May we celebrate the Resurrection every day.


Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy

Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy.

I am racking my brain to think of something truly crazy I have done, and I can’t think of anything. I am not really a “Let’s go crazy!” type of person. I am way too much of an introvert and Type A for that. (Now around family I have been known to be a little crazier, but only in a karaoke, Wii Smurf Dance kind of way.)

This blog is somewhat of me being crazy. I have dreamed since I was little of being a writer, maybe one day writing a book. I have written some, but mostly news/feature type stories. So this blog is a move out of my comfort zone for me. The minute I hit that publish button my heart pounds slightly because I am putting my own personal thoughts out there for all to read. But I am doing it anyway.

If I had to pick a crazy dream, it would be to travel all over the world. I would love to homeschool the kids and just travel. My dream is to go and experience life in different places. Of course this dream involves have the funds to accomplish worldwide travel and have none of the daily drudgery that comes with real life.

I want to go out West and experience life on a ranch. I want to visit Europe and tour places where history was made. I want to see Australia. I have always been fascinated with that country. Life there seems so unique. I want to go to Israel, to walk where heroes of the Bible walked. To be in the places Jesus was when he was on the earth.

One day maybe we will go and live the dream. For now I will keep writing and just try sometimes to do something that my usual self might not do, but my crazy dream self would.

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Daily Prompt: Back on the Chain Gang

Daily Prompt: Back on the Chain Gang.

Where to find the time?

I am not a fan of cleaning. I am a fan of a clean house, but I am just not thrilled about what is required to get there. The main problem is maintaining it; cleaning is NEVER done! I think that is what bothers me the most. I will clean and clean and be so proud at my sparkly, shiny kitchen and what seems like two seconds later, messy again! I know a family of five is going to make a mess, but a day or two of a clean house would be nice. I would also say the majority of the five people who live here aren’t as concerned with cleanliness as I am.

So last weekend our house was clean. Every room! I was all excited, it will be so easy to keep the house clean during our busy week, now that we are starting with a clean slate. Well . . . here I sit at a dining room table that needs to be cleaned off, dishes in the sink, and laundry that needs to be done.

I guess I just need to learn to let it go. The house will probably not be perfect while the kids are young. (Maybe not even after that.) There are more important things in life than a perfect house. But I do need to go do laundry, because clean underwear is pretty important.

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My Pinterest Summer

I love Pinterest. There I admitted it. I am slightly addicted. Especially since I have the Pinterest app on my phone. I can scroll and pin so easily on my phone. I decided on my summer off to have a Pinterest summer. I thought I will start doing all these things I am pinning. Yes, I have tried many recipes on Pinterest, but I wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and do all the home decor/crafty stuff. Yeah, we were going in hardcore. I was so serious about it, when people asked my kids what we were doing this summer they said, “Pinterest summer!” Well, we are more than halfway through summer and I am sad to say that a lot of projects have not been completed. We have made ice chalk and chalk paint for the kids to use outside. Those were fun and relatively simple. I have also done a nice display of trophies and medals for my son. Aside from failed Pinterest projects, we have had a fun summer playing outside, going to the lake, and visiting the mountains. Not only that but I have been able to pin even more exciting projects on Pinterest. 🙂

My Kids Are Supermodels

I have come to a stunning revelation–my children are secret fashion models. That is the only rational explanation I have for the mounds of laundry they have every week. They wear uniforms to school, so I really can’t understand the piles and piles of laundry I am sorting through all the time. They must have a major fashion show after we have all gone to bed that requires their entire wardrobe to be modeled and then dumped in the hamper to be freshly laundered for their next show. I mean really this must be what happens, right?

Pushing the fashion envelope