I’ve caught the madness!

I love sports. I countdown to football season like a kid counts down to Christmas. In my opinion college football is more fun to watch than pro football, but I love both. (Go Dawgs!) I came in second in our Fantasy football lbball2eague. I have been a Braves fan my whole life. The worst-to-first 1991 season was one of the best seasons ever! I remember when Sid slid, and I was at the game when John Smoltz made his debut as a closer.  I even like to watch golf. However, there is one sport that I have never really cared for – that is basketball.

Unfortunately, my whole family loves basketball. My husband will watch any game, for any team, any time. All three of my children play basketball. We have a goal in our driveway. Basketball surrounds me.

So of course March Madness is  a huge deal at our house. We all fill out a bracket, even my five-year-old. We watch all the games; we even DVR games. Yesterday, I caught myself getting exciting because I was thinking, “Oh, the tournament will be on Thursday night! How exciting!” Only to be disappointed that it doesn’t start until Saturday this week. Wait, what? It dawned on me that I was excited about watching basketball. I’ve caught the madness.

I have always enjoyed watching my kids play basketball, and they are great players. I enjoy playing basketball in the driveway with my family, although last time I came away with a twisted ankle and a skinned knee. (Again, basketball is taken very seriously around here.) Now I find that I can’t wait until Saturday and the Final Four games; I am glad that the weather is getting warmer so we can play driveway basketball; and I will watch most any game, for any team, any time. Madness!

So go Duke Blue Devils! (Although I picked Kentucky in my bracket to go all the way, I really want Duke to win it all.) Enjoy the madness!