Chase Your Dream

I blame this renewed writing obsession on Jon Acuff , #DoOverBook, and Jen Hatmaker, #Forthelove. (And I am not above name dropping apparently.) As I previously posted, in January I began to feel the tug of my dream of writing again. I had recently began following Jen and Jon on Facebook, and I really enjoyed reading what they had to say. Then Jen posted On Becoming a Writer at the beginning of February, and I thought that is me! (Of course I am scared to death of criticism, and I am not very thick-skinned, but I am going ahead anyway because I want to be a writer and a good one.) (That previous sentence scared me.) Then, Jon Acuff was posting about and promoting his book – Do Over. Following his Do Over theme, he was asking us what was our dream? What would we like to “do over”? And of course, writing comes up and how to be a writer posts follow. After that I was chosen be a part of Jen Hatmaker’s launch team for her new (and awesome) book For the Love, I became part of a group of 500 amazing people, many of whom were writers. It became rather clear to me that the time was right to begin again (do over?) and chase my dream.

Yesterday, I started Jon Acuff’s 10 Day Do Over Challenge. (I was supposed to receive the book yesterday, but it did not arrive as scheduled. Hopefully it will be here today!) The challenge is to “pick a single dream you’d like to chase for the next ten days” and chase it. So I am chasing it. I bought a writing journal the other day to jot down ideas when I had them, because if I don’t I will forget them. (I am quickly approaching 40, I teach middle school, and I have three kids – my brain cells are overwhelmed.) I am making myself post – I almost gave up this morning. Fear is an ugly beast. But then I read, “Don’t bury that talent, the only thing fear yields is one dormant gift in a shallow grave.” Jen Hatmaker, For the Love.

My desk today (aka the dining room table). Don't you love how my notebooks just arranged themselves in this beautiful fanned out way?

My desk today (aka the dining room table). Don’t you love how my notebooks just arranged themselves in this beautiful fanned out way?

What is your dream? Are you chasing it? If you aren’t, why not? I encourage you to go for it! I am a fairly introverted person. Publishing my actual words is terrifying to me. However, at the same time after I publish, I feel very excited. I almost didn’t apply to be on Jen’s launch team because of doubt, but I am so glad I did. Not only am I getting to read a great book before it releases, but I have met some truly wonderful people. We, and I think most women especially, try to downplay and hide our talents and gifts. Most of the time it is from fear and doubt. The older I get, the more I try to step out of my box, and do SOMETHING. “God created an entire package. It all counts. There are no throwaway qualities.” Another For the Love quote from Jen Hatmaker. Hone that talent, do something different, chase your dream.

(Pre-order For the Love here.)


4 thoughts on “Chase Your Dream

  1. I found your post on the thread on the Facebook launch team page. Wow! If God posted neon blinking signs for us, I think all these things would be those signs. Go for it! What you have to say matters, and it sounds like the Lord Himself is flinging open some doors for you to simply walk through. (I have kinda felt that same way lately and have pursued some things that I otherwise would not have, but thanks to Jen and this amazing book, I have taken some chances and stepped out in faith.)

    I can’t wait to hear how all this turns out!

    • Thank you! I have been given some great opportunities lately, and I see God’s hand at work. Just this morning I got an email on my Liberty University email (I am working on my MAT) about a self-publishing webinar they are hosting next week!

  2. Thank you so much for linking up! I love this and the courage you displayed by hitting the publish button. I can relate so much to this post. I’m looking forward to following along in your journey!

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