Today was my last weekday of wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and a ball cap for a while. My “leisurely” days of summer are over. Has it really been 9 weeks already?
It is time to go back to school. Even as a teacher, I cringe when the summer fun commercials turn into school supply commercials. It seems like it wasn’t so long ago I was putting up my Happy Summer bulletin board decorated with my students’ drawings of big-time summer plans. Monday I will return to my classroom and take down our summer dreams. I will put up something to welcome in school aspirations.
While my summer did mainly
consist of entertaining my three
children and a lot of cleaning and organizing, I am a tad bit sad to let it go – I did get to sleep in most days. However, there is an excitement that comes with a new year. I am looking forward to what I will teach my new group of kids, and to what they will teach me.